Robeisy Ramirez showed in his last fight that he is ready for great things and Top Rank is ready to quickly push the Cuban to bigger fights.

Ramirez has already become an important player in the featherweight division. He had no qualms about crossing the Atlantic to face Eric Donovan, whom he defeated by TKO in the second round in Glasgow, Scotland. The fight was featured on the Josh Taylor vs. Jack Catterall undercard.

Head trainer Ismael Salas asked Top Rank executives to raise the bar on Ramirez's next fight, because on the horizon - who knows when - is a world title fight against someone like Emanuel Navarrete.

Ramirez, a two-time Olympic gold medal winner, is looking to fight for a world title sooner than later.

“It was a very important step [to fight in Scotland]. We wanted that fight and thanks to José Izquierdo (manager) who moved the chips well with the Top Rank people and we took Robeisy to a place where the English and Scottish fans are very passionate. Let's just say he opened up a new avenue for himself," Salas told George Ebro.

“It is a very good platform. Robeisy had fought in important places, but not as big as on that platform because Sky Sports and other television stations in Europe were there. Winning there was the step I needed from Robeisy. Everyone knows his talent. I didn't give it to him, he brought it, but for him to fully transition to this type of boxing, which is something else.

“When we spoke after the fight, I told Top Rank that I needed a good opponent for the next one. You have to raise the level of the opponent and that will serve as a meter to know if we are already at the other level. So far we are doing well. I am happy. Robeisy has acquired a conscience so that he thinks like a professional and acts like a professional.

“It is a good division that has had good moments. We have Leo Santa Cruz, we have Vaquero Navarrete, who for me is number one among the featherweights, you don't have to take anything away from him. If we are going to fight Navarrete, we have to have another fight. Navarrete is a solid but unconventional fighter. He is a guy who throws punches from all angles, he is a tall brawler. The plan would be based on physical preparation. Thanks to physical trainer Larry Wade, I am confident in his work. But if we fight Navarrete we must reach a higher level than we had in Scotland. Ramírez's knockout gave people something to talk about.“