By Carlos Boogs

Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach claims to have a source who gave him some interesting information about the camp activities of WBC/WBA welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Last week, Floyd's uncle Jeff Mayweather revealed that his nephew was destroying every single sparring partner and put a bad beating on former champion Zab Judah.

Roach, who is preparing Manny Pacquiao to face Mayweather on May 2nd from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, claims to a contact in Mexico who supplied a sparring partner to Mayweather, and the contact allegedly told Roach that his fighter put a pounding on Mayweather for two days.

Reacting to reports of Mayweather beating down sparring partners, Roach makes it clear that he is not paying any attention to that information or the supplied information regarding Mayweather's alleged struggles. Roach has one focus, to prepare Pacquiao for the best possible Mayweather.

"He knocked out a couple of girls [in sparring] or something like. The thing is, I got a report from one of my friends in Mexico - that one of his Mexican boys beat the sh*t out of him two days in a row. So I really don't care about stuff like that. I really don't care what he's up to, because I have to get my guy ready for my fight and that's what I'm thinking about," Roach said.

Mayweather is known for trash talking during the pre-fight build and he also does his fair share of trash talking inside in the ring. To prepare Pacquiao for that, Roach ordered the sparring partners to talk trash during sessions.

"I told them to do trash talking and the one who does the best trash talking will get a bonus of $1,000 dollars," Roach said.