In addition to his overall boxing skills, Montana Love’s flamboyant personality, and outgoing demeanor left fans intrigued. During pressers, the 28-year-old would throw on his shades and lash out at his foes. Prior to actually stepping foot inside the ring on fight night, Love often took his time before sauntering his way through the arena while being accompanied by his pet dog.

His theatrics, while entertaining, have begun to irritate Richardson Hitchins. Just a few short months ago, the 25-year-old former Olympian verbally chastised his fellow 140-pound rival, going as far as to say that he would “beat the shit out of him.”

Considering his histrionics, Hitchins (16-0, 7 KOs) openly admits that he loathes Love. The highly ranked contender is also convinced that Love simply puts on an act and isn't what he portrays to be.

“I really don’t like boy,” said Hitchins to “I really feel like he’s soft. I really feel like he’s p-ssy.”

Although it wasn't official, since the pair shared the same card in November, a showdown between them appeared to be brewing. Of course, all that needed to be done was for both men to take care of business. Hitchins, who took on Yomar Alamo, dominated his man, crushing him via eighth-round stoppage.

But while Hitchins quickly went into the locker room, grabbed a change of clothes, and took a seat ringside to watch the main event, he was flabbergasted as to what took place. In a matchup that appeared tailor-made for his homecoming showcase, Love (18-1-1, 9 KOs) smiled at his adoring fans, stopped for pictures, and waved at countless supporters in the crowd.

Ultimately, Spark refused to play the part of a spectator. After dropping the previously undefeated Love in the second round, the Australian native was on the receiving end of an unusual turn of events. At roughly the midway point of their bout, Love, seemingly frustrated, tossed Spark over the top rope, leading to his disqualification.

Since coming up short, Love has remained on the sidelines. Hitchins, on the other hand, scored a one-sided victory over John Bauza this past February and is said to be returning to the ring at some point in June.

Despite witnessing Love suffer the first defeat of his career, Hitchins is still hopeful that at some point in the near future, the two will lock horns. Once that fateful day finally arrives, Hitchins can only envision one lopsided outcome.

“He’s gonna get his ass whipped.”