Undefeated cruiserweight contender Richard Riakporhe is placing a target on the back of the winner of Sunday's fight between WBO world champion Chris Billam-Smith and challenger Mateusz Masternak.

Billam-Smith defends the title for the first time since the shocking one-sided win over Lawrence Okolie earlier this year.

Riakporhe is the number one ranked contender under the WBO and he expects to have a mandatory shot at the title in 2024.

Currently, Riakporhe is the only fighter to defeat Billam-Smith. 

While the Bournemouth man is the big favorite to come out on top, Riakporhe cautions that Masternak is a very dangerous opponent.

"I've done a few camps with Mateusz Masternak. I understand his style, I know the way he fights. I know what he's going to bring," Riakporhe told Sky Sports. "He's definitely a warrior, very tough and I think that fight is going to be a very entertaining fight for the boxing public.

"The styles will definitely gel. Masternak's a warrior. His dream is to become a world champion. I think CBS should do it, but he can't take his eye off the ball. He has to be on point every single round, switched on."

Promoter Ben Shalom of BOXXER explains that Riakporhe is very motivated to face the winner of the fight.

"It's what he's been waiting all year for. This is the fight he wants," Shalom told Sky Sports. "He can't wait [to fight] the winner.

"He's been very, very patient. He deserves his chance. He's worked his way up to mandatory positions in multiple governing bodies and he'll be confident that he wins a world title next year. Richard will feel like: 'Why is Chris Billam-Smith world champion? I've beat Chris Billam-Smith, I've done everything I've been asked to do. I've knocked out most of my opponents.' If it is Chris who comes through and it is the rematch it's a huge, huge fight."