Fly By Nite Rehearsal Studios, Redditch - In a crossroads clash at junior middleweight, Sam Eggington (29-7, 18 KOs) broke down and stopped Ashley Theophane (50-9-1, 17 KOs) in the sixth round. (photos by Hennessey Sports)

Coming in, Theophane won eleven in a row since suffering a decision loss to Shoki Sakai in 2017. Two of the wins on his streak are not being recognized by Boxrec, according to Theophane.

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Eggington was coming back from a 'Fight of The Year' decision loss to Ted Cheeseman, which took place four months ago.

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When the fight started off, the six difference was very clear. Eggington was much bigger and more than capable of taking the punches being landed by Theophane, who had the advantage in speed. Eggington's punches were thudding as he came forward and had Theophane on the back foot.

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The workrate and power of Eggington was starting to break down Theophane by the second round - with Eggington scoring a flash knockdown in the closing moments. In the third, Theophane connected with several solid shots, but they punches were not really affecting the bigger man.

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The end finally came in the sixth, as Eggington was battering Theophane with shots to the head and body. Theophane went down, struggled to get to his feet and the fight was waved off.

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