World cruiserweight contenders Richard Riakporhe and Fabio Turchi made their final pre-fight comments at today’s press conference in BoxPark Wembley, London ahead of their headline showdown this Saturday night in the world-famous Wembley Arena, live on Sky Sports. (photos by Lawrence Lustig)

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RICHARD RIAKPORHE vs FABIO TURCHI - IBF World Cruiserweight Championship Eliminator:

Riakporhe: “This fight is perfect for me because it sets us up for a big world title clash in my next fight, so there’s a lot to fight for”

“We aren’t taking Fabio Turchi lightly, we made sure we covered all areas in training to prepare for this fight so we can go in and deliver what we want to deliver on Saturday night. Every single fight is so important now. This is what I dreamed of doing when I was young, when I first came to boxing. To see it all manifesting just like how I dreamed it is fascinating to see”

“We wanna bring explosive nights, explosive finishes, we wanna show the world how great we are. So we’re going to bring a big knockout on Saturday night”

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Turchi: “I’m ready to have a battle on Saturday night. I think this is a very even fight, I have a lot of respect for Richard, so I’m hoping for a great fight. Whether it’s by KO or points, the important thing is to win the fight”

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