London cruiserweight rivals Richard Riakporhe and Deion Jumah faced off at the official weigh-in which featured the elite crop of today's top rising talents in British boxing, including light-heavyweight champion Dan Azeez, Caroline Dubois and the Azim brothers Hassan and Adam. (photo by Lawrence Lustig)

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"Yeah, it's exciting. Richard was the first fighter we signed [after the Sky deal] and we had dreams of him headlining and winning world titles. That will happen. Unfortunately Fabio Turchi pulled out and it just shows Richard's character to take this on," said promoter Ben Shalom.

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"Richard will deal with Deion on Saturday night - he's got a lot of power, he's dealt with everyone else [domestically] - and then we'll be on to world titles, but credit for Deion Jumah. Don't overlook him he's a he's a top operator as well. It's gonna be a crackling atmosphere. I can't wait."

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