Heavyweight Pezhman Seifkhani (16-1) lost the first time around to Awadh Tamim (BoxRec have his record as 16-6) and did everything wrong in that fight, which took place back in March. 

This time around he did most things right and won the Swedish title with a unanimous decision over Tamim in a hard-fought eight-rounder that topped Fight Life Promotion's pro-am show at Tegelbruket in Orebro, Sweden

. It was scored 80-72, 79-73 and 79-72 all in the favor of the new champion. Tamim was down in the sixth and hurt in the final round - but it was a close, tough fight all the way.

Their first fight was a slugfest of the likes of the likes you seldom outside of a Hollywood-movie but this time around both were a lot more controlled, concentrated on the defense and tried not to give away anything - but just like in the first fight both lost their temper and referee Mikael Hook, just back from the IBF convention in Chicago, had his hand full especially in the third round when the two almost got into a full scaled brawl but cooled down after a timeout.

Seifkhani tried to box at long range and counter while Tamim pressed the action looking to land with his heavy right. But in the sixth he was caught by a right and went down moments later, but got up and got through the round. 

In the only other pro fight lightweight, Paolo Magui (6-0) stopped Senad Karic, who didn't come out for the fourth and final round. Karic (8-15-2) was down in the second and three times in the third.