By Ryan Burton

Beating Jermain Taylor twice in back to back fights put Kelly Pavlik on the map in the boxing world. 

Both fighters went their separate ways after the fight and both have had their share of out of the ring incidents.

Taylor, 38, a former Olympian, faces three charges, including a felony charge of terrorist threats after a Maumelle police officer wrote in a report obtained by USA TODAY Sports that Taylor "chased (the alleged victim) down the street stating that he would to kill her." Taylor was also arrested on suspicion of battery and interfering with the emergency communication, which are both misdemeanors in what is just the latest in a series of arrests over the past few years.

Pavlik has dealt with his own demons but has steered clear of the law the past couple of years. recently caught up with the former WBC/WBO middleweight champion and he said that he hopes for the best for his former ring rival.

"The only thing you can do is just hope for the best. I am sure you are going to get some *ssholes who say, 'look who is talking', about my BB gun incident or whatever. My little sh*t that I got into," said Pavlik.

This writer said that Taylor appeared to never the same as far as his in ring performances after their two meetings which prompted Pavlik to point to the horrific knockout Taylor faced at the hands of Arthur Abraham which caused him to have a brain bleed and his stoppage loss to Carl Froch which occurred after their two encounters.

"Don't put that on me. He wasn't (ever the same) but he didn't get in no sh*t after I beat him. But he did get knocked out by Froch and Abraham. It was an accumulation of things probably. I just feel horrible because here was a kid that was the American dream and he was really nice and really humble," Pavlik told

"Then he made some money - even in his defeats he made good money - and then all of a sudden he kind of goes to this thug life. It is like wiping your ass before you sh*t. It makes no sense. You are supposed to do that when you don't have anything.  I don't know. It is not my spot to harp on it. We don't know what happened. What is behind it.

"I defended him on his situation with his cousin (prior to the aforementioned arrest). I truly did.  From what I heard he got in a fight and the cousins left and they threatened to come back and get him and they came back with more people into his house and he shot them. I don't see anything wrong with that.  Nobody is there to know like, (why are they) coming back with a gun and a lot of people. There is always more sh*t behind it."

As for his own issues, Pavlik said that one day he plans to shed some light on what really happened.

"I know with me, everybody only has one side of the story and I always kept my mouth shut and I eventually am going to open my mouth up on it. You just gotta pray for the man. He can still contribute a lot to boxing if everything goes his way and hopefully he can turn it around," said Pavlik.

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