Paul Butler wasn’t about to be fooled twice over the same fight—or lack thereof.

Advanced measures taken by the promotion allowed the 33-year-old Ellesmere Port boxer to move forward with a planned fight this Friday in Liverpool, even if against a new opponent and with modified stakes. Butler was previously prepared to challenge WBO bantamweight titlist John Riel Casimero, who was barred from fighting by the BBBofC over a violation of its zero tolerance regarding sauna use during fight week.

“He’s a rat. He’s just a pure rat,” Butler insisted upon learning of the development. “Everything he’s done in life is just horrible. He’s wanted in the Philippines for charges out there. He does that in Dubai. I know there was a load of stuff going on when he boxed Tete in Birmingham.

“He’s just childish, to be honest. He’s a 33-year-old man, filming everything and putting it online. If you’re gonna go in a sauna, be discreet about it. Don’t go plastering everything all over the internet.”

(Writer’s note: Casimero was falsely named in a police report by an alleged victim who also lied about being a minor during the alleged incident in question)

Philippines’ Casimero is replaced by countryman Jonas Sultan, with Butler now left to fight for the interim WBO title. The development is an improvement from their scheduled December 11 title fight in Dubai, where Casimero (31-4, 21KOs) withdrew the day of the weigh-in after being hospitalized due to gastritis. Butler—who made weight—was left with a fight, though is afforded a more desirable scenario this time around.

“This time it hasn’t shocked me in the slightest,” claimed Butler. “It did in Dubai, I was the only one to make weight and it shocked me, it did. This time, it hasn’t phased me in the slightest.

“My dad came around and asked, ‘Are you bothered?’ I said, not in the slightest. I’m really not bothered. Whoever is in the ring with me is getting it. I’m on that tunnel vision. I’m fighting Friday night no matter what. Last time there were struggles just hours. This time I’m fully focused.”

Butler (33-2, 15KOs) has won seven in a row heading into Friday’s main event, which tops a Probellum show in his home region. In his last start, Butler—a former IBF bantamweight titlist—claimed a ten-round split decision victory over Willbaldo Garcia last June in Bolton, England.

The prior fallout with Casimero left Butler without a fight last December, resulting in a ten-month inactive stretch heading into Friday.

Casimero arrived in the United Kingdom well in advance of fight night, but was spotted using a sauna earlier in fight week. All participants who fight in the UK are warned upon arrival of the broad’s strict policy against sauna use or any extreme weight cutting measures deemed as medically irresponsible. Alleged video evidence of the act was discovered and provided to the BBBofC, who in turn informed Casimero on Tuesday that he was no longer permitted to move forward with the fight.

The ruling leaves Casimero at risk of being stripped of his WBO title, for which Butler feels he is entitled to contend. The prior ruling from the WBO stated that Casimero-Butler must take place by April 30, to avoid the title being declared vacant. The matter is now under review with the Puerto Rico-based sanctioning body, while Butler remains affixed on winning this Friday and with hopes of coming away with a major title pending the WBO’s final ruling.

“They should do exactly what they said they would do eight weeks ago—strip him and I should fight for the title,” suggested Butler. “We’re gonna have to find out in the next day or two and see what happens.

“But that’s exactly what should happen. They should stick to their work. The WBO has given him a chance and he blew his chance here in Liverpool.”

Jake Donovan is a senior writer for Twitter: @JakeNDaBox