Patrice Volny secured a definitive win Thursday at the Montreal Casino, though the conclusion of the bout might spark debate for years to come.

Volny stopped Steven Butler in the ninth round of the main event of an Eye of the Tiger Promotions card broadcast on ESPN+.

The stoppage came at 2:40 of the ninth round, ending the fight at an inopportune time.

The two fighters traded rounds early, as Volny (19-1, 12 KOs), 34, was not adjusting well to Butler (34-5-1, 28 KOs), 28, who landed looping right hands around Volny’s guard. The Canadians’ dueling fanbases created a unique atmosphere as Volny kept his hands high, appearing too comfortable in allowing Butler to punch.

Between rounds, trainer “Iceman” John Scully told Butler that he could maintain his pace all night, but that didn't happen. Volny almost immediately unleashed a wicked combination, rocking Butler with a right uppercut in close. As the bell sounded, Volny landed another big shot that visibly damaged Butler’s face. This proved to be a turning point, with Volny finding his rhythm as Butler struggled to adjust.

Butler, known for his volume and fierce power (his nickname: “Bang Bang”) couldn’t replicate his early success. Volny’s punches began landing cleanly, while Butler’s shots lost their impact.

A low blow from Butler at the end of Round 8 ended the round unceremoniously. In the ninth, Volny’s straight punches and uppercuts couldn’t miss, leaving Butler dazed. Referee Alain Villeneuve stopped the contest after witnessing a series of unanswered punches from Volny. Although the stoppage may be considered controversial by some – Butler blocked Volny’s final shot – Butler was not responding during the flurry.

The result extended Volny’s winning streak to three fights, following his first career loss, in 2021, to Esquiva Falcao.

Butler, who had notched knockouts in each of his two fights since losing to Janibek Alimkhanuly last May, has been stopped in all of his pro defeats.