By Rick Reeno

Greg Leon, adviser to former light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal (29-2-1, 17KOs), came firing with guns in both hands after reading some of the recent statements which appeared on from WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson (24-1, 20KOs).

Among other things, Stevenson said Pascal's mandatory ranking was "a gift" and he was nothing more than an "undercard fighter" who deserved the low-end take of a "70-30" monetary split.

Pascal is the WBC's mandatory challenger to Stevenson's title. Both of the boxers are scheduled to return next month on separate events. Pascal is back first, taking on Roberto Feliciano Bolonti on December 6th at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Stevenson is back on December 19th, when he defends his title against Dmitry Sukhotsky at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec.

Yvon Michel, who promotes Stevenson and used to promote Pascal, has set aside an April date for the mandatory showdown. Pascal is currently under a three fight co-promotional deal between his own company, where Leon is the CEO, and InterBox.

Leon, who likely threw a turkey leg at the computer screen as he read Stevenson's remarks, had more than a mouthful to say in response to those statements.

"I imagine it's because he used to be a pimp that he lacks appreciation for the money others, and in this case, Jean Pascal has allowed him to make. You see Stevenson's title challenge against Chad Dawson was an absolute gift from Jean Pascal that he's never said thank you for. Jean Pascal preferred to make history in Canada [with Lucian Bute] rather than fight [Dawson] a guy he already defeated, who was coming off a terrible one sided stoppage loss to Andre Ward. These are just facts. Adonis Stevenson hasn't faced a quality boxer who won their last bout. Dawson and Cloud were both coming off their worst losses and Fonfara was a solid ESPN fighter until Stevenson's subpar performance turned him into the next Al Haymon client," Leon stated to

"Not that anyone has ever accused Adonis Stevenson of being smart, but in trying to diminish Jean Pascal he admits to ducking what he views as an undercard fighter. If Pascal is an undercard fighter, Dmitry Sukhotsky is a walkout bout caliber fighter. If Adonis understood the business of boxing even a little bit, he would understand that Jean Pascal has a deal in place that is exponentially better than his. Pascal's deal with InterBox gives him more financial protection than any other boxer in the world not named Mayweather, Alvarez or Klitschko."

"In 2014, Stevenson flat out ducked Kovalev, Hopkins and Jean Pascal. He turned down multiple career high paydays and Pascal would have been the biggest payday of them all, in favor of Sukhotsky. Need I say more? Al Haymon should give a quick tug to the string that controls Adonis Stevenson's mouth and shut him up, because the more he talks the dumber he sounds. He also overlooks the fact that he turned down 60% of all the revenue to make the fight happen on December 6.

"One side says 70-30, the other one says 50-50. When you want to make a deal you find the middleground. 40-60 was the middleground and after already ducking Kovalev and Hopkins, Adonis once again showed his true colors and put the final nail into his cowardly coffin.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, in his two fights with Hopkins and the Bute fight, Jean Pascal has sold more tickets and generated more revenue than Adonis has in his entire career. Pascal has been in three of highest grossing fights ever in Canada and Stevenson was not involved in the other two.

"There were 22,000 fans in attendance for the Bute fight. That is more than Adonis has in his title challenge and three subsequent defenses combined. Adding the gates for the two Hopkins fight, Carl Froch and the two Diaconu fights only further defines who is clearly the bigger draw of the two.

"Hey Adonis, you know what I've never seen before? A fighter of the year using all of that momentum to become universally recognized as the biggest coward in boxing the very next year. I've also never seen a 37-year-old with just one seven-figure purse under his belt talk so much nonsense about money.

"Please allow me to leave you with one more interesting fact. After his humiliating loss to Darnell Boone - this boxing brain signed a multi-year deal with Groupe Yvon Michel, the only company that showed any interest in him, for 40 cents on the dollar. I can't be the only one who only hears quacking whenever Adonis Stevenson speaks. Can I?"