Boxing History - 1960's

The 1960's


Feb 4 - Carlos Ortiz defeats Battling Torres, 10 rounds, Los Angeles, to retain jr. welter title.

March 21 - Sonny Liston again flattens, Cleveland Williams, suffering a broken nose before finishing Williams in the second round, Houston.

June 10 - Eder Jofre KOs Ernesto Miranda, three rounds, Sao Paolo, to retain South American Bantam title.

June 20 - Floyd Patterson becomes the first man to regain the heavyweight title, flattening Ingemar Johansson with a tremendous left hook to the jaw, fifth round, New York.

Oct 29 - In his pro debut, Cassius Clay defeats Tunney Hunsaker, six rounds, Louisville.

Nov 18 - Elder Jofre KOs Eloy Sanchez, six rounds, Los Angeles, to win bantam title.


March 4 - In their fourth and final meeting, Gene Fullmer finishes 2-1-1 against Ray Robinson, taking 15 round decision, Las Vegas, to retain middleweight title.

March 13 - Floyd Patterson, down twice in the first, comes back to knock down Ingemar Johansson in the same found and KOs Ingemar in six rounds, Miami Beach, to retain heavyweight title.

April 1 - Emile Griffith KOs Benny (Kid) Paret, 13 rounds, Miami Beach., to win welter title.

Dec 9 - Gene Fullmer stops Benny (Kid) Paret, 10 rounds, Las Vegas, to retain NBA middleweight title.


Jan 20 - Dick Tiger stops Florentino Fernandez, six rounds, Miami Beach.

Feb 10 - Cassius Clay gets up from his first knockdown to KO Sonny Banks, four rounds, New York. 

March 24 - Emile Griffith stops Benny (Kid) Paret, 12 rounds, New York, to regain welter title. Paret undergoes brain surgery that night at Roosevelt Hospital.

April 3 - Former two-time welter champ Benny (Kid) Paret, 25, in a coma since losing title to Emile Griffith, dies of pneumonia.

April 21 - Carlos Ortiz defeats Joe Brown, 15 rounds, Las Vegas, to win lightweight title.

Sept 25 - Sonny Liston becomes the first fighter to win heavyweight title on a first round KO. Floyd Patterson is counted out at just 2:06, Chicago.

Oct 19 - Future cruiser and heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is born, Atmore, Ala. 

Oct 23 - Dick Tiger defeats Gene Fullmer, 15 rounds, San Francisco, to win NBA middleweight title.

Oct 27 - Rubin (Hurricane) Carter KOs Florentino Fernandez, one round, New York.

Nov 15 - Cassius Clay stops Archie Moore, four rounds, Los Angeles. Clay is 20, Moore is 48.


Feb 23 - Dick Tiger draws with Gene Fullmer, Las Vegas, 15 rounds, to retain NBA middleweight title.

May 21 - Sugar Ramos stops Davey Moore, 10 rounds, to win featherweight title. later that evening, Moore lapses into a coma.

March 23 - Former featherweight champion Davey Moore, 29, dies of brain stem injury at White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles.

June 18 - Cassius Clay, down in the fourth, comes back to stop Henry Cooper on cuts, five rounds, London.

July 22 - Sonny Liston KOs Floyd Patterson at 2:10 of round one, Las Vegas to retain the heavyweight title, fight last four seconds longer then the first.

Aug 10 - Dick Tiger wins undisputed middleweight title by stopping former champ Gene Fullmer, seven rounds, Ibadan, Nigeria

Oct 29 - Eddie cotton defeats Henry Hank, 15 rounds, Michigan, gains Michigan recognition as light heavy champ.

Dec 20 - Middleweight contender Rubin (Hurricane) Carter shocks welterweight champ Emile Griffith, flooring him twice and stopping him in first round, non-title, Pittsburgh.


Feb 25 - Cassius Clay shocks the world when he stops Sonny Liston is seven rounds, Miami Beach, to win heavyweight title. Soon afterwards, he goes through two name changes, briefly to Cassius X and then to Muhammad Ali..

Feb 28 - Rubin (Hurricane) Carter defeats Jimmy Ellis, 10 rounds, New York.

Sept 11 - Dick Tiger defeats Don Fullmer, 10 rounds, Cleveland, in last Gillette Friday night fight.

Oct 2 - George Chuvalo stops Doug Jones, 11 rounds, New York.

Dec 14 - Joey Giardello defeats Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, 15 rounds, Philadelphia, to retain middleweight title.


April 10 - Ismael Laguna defeats Carlos Ortiz, 15 rounds, Rome to win flyweight title.

May 17 -Fighting Harada upsets previously undefeated Eder Jofre, 15 rounds, Nagoya, Japan, to win bantam title.

May 20 - Dick Tiger floors Rubin (Hurricane) Carter four times en route to a ten round decision, New York.

May 25 - Muhammad Ali KOs Sonny Liston, one round, Lewiston, ME, to retain heavyweight title.

Nov 10 - In the 201st and final bout of 26 year old career. Ray Robinson loses 10 round decision to Joey Archer, Pittsburgh.

Nov 22 - Muhammad Ali stops Floyd Patterson, 12 rounds, Las Vegas, to retain heavyweight title.

Dec 10 - In a Madison Square Garden ceremony, Ray Robinson announces his retirement from boxing.


March 29 - Muhammad Ali defeats George Chuvalo, 15 rounds, Toronto, to retain heavyweight title.

April 25 - Emile Griffith drops Dick Tiger for the first time in Tiger's career in ninth round, then defeats Tiger, 15 rounds, New York, to win middleweight title.

June 1 - Fighting Harada again defeats Eder Jofre, this time on a 15 round split decision, Tokyo, to retain bantam title. Harada's two wins over Jofre are only defeats in Jofre's 78 fight career.

June 24 - Oscar Bonavena defeats George Chuvalo, 10 rounds, New York

June 30 - Future heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is born, Brooklyn.

Sept 21- Joe Frazier floored twice in second round, gets up to defeat Oscar Bonavena, 10 rounds, New York.

Oct 22 - Carlos Ortiz stops Sugar Ramos, five rounds, Mexico City, to retain lightweight title.

Nov 14 - Muhammad Ali stops Cleveland Williams, three rounds, Houston, to retain heavyweight title

Nov 28 - Carlos Ortiz floors Flash Elorde for the first time in his career, KOing him in the 14th round, New York, to retain lightweight title.


April 17 - Nino Benvenuti defeats Emile Griffith, 15 rounds, Flushing, new York, to win middleweight title

April 28 - Muhammad Ali refuses induction into United States Armed Forces, The WBA strips him of the heavyweight title.

June 9 - Floyd Patterson draws with Jerry Quarry, 10 rounds, Los Angeles.

June 29 - Former heavyweight champ Primo Carnera, 60, dies, Sequals, Italy.

July 19 - Joe Frazier stops George Chuvalo, four rounds, New York, the first time Chuvalo did not go the distance.

Aug 5 - In the first two bouts of WBA Heavyweight Elimination Tournament to find successor to Muhammad Ali. Thad Spencer defeats Ernie Terrell, 12 rounds and Jimmy Ellis stops Leotis Martin, nine rounds, Houston.

Sept 16 - Oscar Bonavena defeats Karl Mildenberger, 12 rounds, Frankfort, WBA Heavyweight Elimination Tournament.

Oct 3 - In one of boxing's worst decisions, Ki-Soo Kim wins split decision, 15 rounds, overt Freddie Little, Seoul, to retain jr. middleweight title.

Oct 14 - Vincente Saldivar stops Howard Winstone, 12 rounds, Mexico City, to retain featherweight title. He then announces retirement at age 24.

Oct 28 - Jerry Quarry defeats Floyd Patterson, 12 rounds, Los Angeles, WBA Heavyweight Elimination Tournament.

Dec 2 - Jimmy Ellis defeats Oscar Bonavena, 12 rounds, Louisville, WBA Heavyweight Elimination Tournament.

Dec 14 - In the first world title bout between two Japanese fighters Hiroshi Kobayashi KOs Yoshiaki Numata, 12 rounds, Tokyo, to win jr. lightweight title.


Feb 3 - Jerry Quarry stops Thad Spencer, 12 rounds, Oakland. In WBA Heavyweight Elimination Tournament.

Feb 26 - Lionel Rose, substituting for ill Jesus Pimentel, defeats Fighting Harada, 15 rounds, Tokyo, to win bantam title. Rose, only 19, in first boxer of Aborgine heritage to win world title.

March 4 - In first fight card at new Madison Square Garden, Nino Benvenuti defeats Emile Griffith, 15 rounds, to regain middleweight title and Joe Frazier stops Buster Mathis, 11 rounds, to win New York recognition as heavyweight champion.

April 27 - Jimmy Ellis defeats Jerry Quarry, 15 rounds, Oakland, to win vacant WBA heavyweight title in the tournament final.

May 24 - Bob Foster KOs Dick Tiger, four rounds, New York, to win light heavyweight title. The KO is the only one suffered by Tiger.

Aug 6 - Emile Griffith defeats Gypsy Joe Harris, 12 rounds, Philadelphia, in final bout of Harris' career as it was discovered that he had fought entire career with one eye.

Sept 14 - Jimmy Ellis wins controversial decision over Floyd Patterson, 15 rounds, Stockholm, to retain WBA heavyweight title.

Dec 14 - Joe Frazier defeats Oscar Bonavena, 15 rounds, Philadelphia, to retain New York version of heavyweight title.

Dec 15 - Former heavyweight champ Jess Willard, 86, dies, Los Angeles.


Jan 23 - Bob Foster stops Frank DePaula, one round, New York, to retain WBA feather title.

feb 18 - mando ramos stops Carlos (Teo) Cruz, 11 rounds, Los Angeeles, to win flyweight title.

May 26 - Dick Tiger defeats Nino Benvenuti, 10 rounds, New York, non-title.

June 23 - Joe Frazier stops Jerry Quarry, seven rounds, New York, to retain claim to New York heavyweight title.

Aug 31 - Former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano dies in plane crash in Newton, Iowa, one day before 46th birthday.

Nov 22- Nino Benvenuti, bleeding over his eyes and from nose, KOs Luis Rodriguez with a single left hook to the jaw, 11 rounds, Rome, to retain middleweight title.

Dec 6 - Leotis Martin, down in fourth and behind on points, comes back to KO Sonny Liston, nine rounds, Las Vegas, for vacant NABF heavyweight title.