Fresh off his recent third-round stoppage of Sylvera “Sly” Louis in their rematch, Oscar “Kaboom” Rivas (27-1, 19 KOs) is on a special mission to not only become the first WBC bridgerweight world champion but capture the world heavyweight crown as well.

A 2008 Colombian Olympian, Rivas is currently rated as the WBC’s No. 1-rated contender in the bridgerweight division (200-224 lbs.).

Prior to his rematch with Louis, Rivas hadn’t fought in 20 months due mainly to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Never-the-less, “Kaboom” remained professional, training throughout his ring absence.

“I love this sport,” Rivas said from his Montreal home. I dedicate my life to boxing. I never stopped training because I love it and I can’t live without it. I am an athlete! The pandemic didn’t make things easy for me or anybody else, especially for a natural heavyweight like me.

“In the ring, I am having fun, and that’s what drives me. After I was able to knock down my opponent (Louis) in the first round, my coach asked me to take advantage of the opportunity to box because I hadn’t fought in 20 months. I hadn’t stepped in the ring and that’s what I enjoy every minute of.”

Even though he’s on the precipice of winning his first world title, as a bridgerweight fighter, Rivas will not be fully satisfied without becoming a 2-division world champion.

“I want to be the bridgerweight and heavyweight world champion without a doubt,” he explained. “My mission is timeless. For some reason, the big boys in the heavyweight division don’t want to fight me. There would have been good reasons for Dillian Whyte to give me a rematch, to clear any doubts! I love Tyson Fury but when he was looking for a dance partner last December, my name was dropped first even though we had the same promoter.  I can only assume that they consider I am too dangerous for them. By becoming the WBC bridgerweight world champion, I assume that those big boys will be more intrigued to fight me, and I can’t wait. Now, more than ever.

“I am a heavyweight and I always tried to stay under 235 pounds throughout my career to exploit my speed, so the bridgerweight class became a natural fit for me. Now, I am aiming to become champion of the world in two divisions. Bring them all on!”

Rivas’ most likely will know who his opponent will be for the WBC bridgerweight title fight in June in the coming days. The names often mentioned are No. 3 rated Bryant Jennings (24-4, 14 KOs), 2-time world heavyweight title challenger, or built-up South African cruiserweight, No. 2 ranked Kevin Lerena (26-1, 13 KOs).

“My team has been working very hard during this unbelievable time (pandemic) to organize a significant fight for me.” Rivas noted. “I just can’t wait to step back into the ring with anybody.”