By Miguel Rivera

The father and coach of former world champion Omar 'Panterita' Figueroa has asked his son for greater discipline to become the superstar that he dreams of being, so he can face the likes of Adrien Broner and Terence Crawford in the not too distant future.

Omar Figueroa Sr. confirmed that his son's training camp for the recent with Ricky Bruns was far from spectacular. Figueroa has been dealing with hand injuries for the last two years and his father says the right hand did get injured in camp, but his son refused to withdraw from the Premier Boxing Champions contest.

A sure sign of a hindered camp was Figueroa failing to make the junior welterweight limit in what was Omar's debut in the weight class. He came in at 141.5-pounds and was unable to get down any further.

"Actually I'm not very satisfied, because I know what my son is capable of, and I know that when my son is disciplined there is no one in either 135 or 140 pounds that can beat him. I would even like to see, in the future, [Omar in fights] with Ray Beltran, Lucas Matthysse or Adrien Broner, but for these to happen he be very disciplined," the coach told ESPN Deportes.

"He did not even make weight, where he was to have been 140 pounds and came in at 141.5 pounds. I understand why he could not train like I wanted, but I'm sure that with good training, and without injury - he can become the star that he wants to be. He just has to spend more time in the gym and also work more defense."