Natasha Jonas, who earlier this year captured the WBO junior middleweight championship, is applying pressure on WBA, IBO champion Hannah Rankin to agree to a unification showdown.

Jonas wants to fight in the month of September in her hometown of Liverpool.

The British fighter is not going to wait much longer before setting down her first defense of the title.

"They like to blame it on us. I understand there's a business of boxing but they're making it difficult," insisted Jonas, speaking to Sky Sports. "It's a long time out [from a fight date in September] but I want to know who I'm boxing and regardless of that, I'm not going to wait around forever for her, if that's what she wants."

If she's unable to secure a fight with Rankin, then Jonas is ready to face several alternatives.

She has already floated the names of Marie Eve Dicaire, Cynthia Lozano and Marianne Ahlborg.

Jonas wants to become the undisputed champion in her weight class.

"We're in the era, luckily enough, of one belt just isn't enough, especially for the females. Everyone doesn't only want to be a champion, they want to be unified or they want to be undisputed. If I could get an undisputed, that would be me done," Jonas said.

She captured her WBO strap in February, after moving up by two weight classes, with a bruising second round knockout of Chris Namus.

"She was no pushover. She'd been a champion before. Dicaire beat her for her belt," Jonas said. "I don't think [Rankin] would be fighting her [Namus]. She was in the top five. She's no mug is what I'm trying to say. I know she got given short notice.

"I had literally prepared for a 10-round fight. Everyone was saying, Joe [Gallagher, her trainer] in particular, you are not going to knock this girl out. You've got to keep on your feet, stay smart, keep switched on and just box. That's all you've got to do, it's the amateur style, just box. Score your points, get away… He was lying! I think if anyone hits anyone clean, you're in trouble."