By Mark Vester

Former champion and British legend, Prince Naseem Hamed, has finally revealed the truth behind his decision to walk away from boxing seven years ago. Hamed appeared on BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek and discussed the reason why he walked away from the sport. Hamed is credited as the fighter to pave the way for million dollar purses in the lower weight divisions. 

Hamed revealed that his hands were falling apart. The pain and suffering was too much and he was starting to lose his famous punching power. Several times over the last few years, Hamed spoke about a comeback but he never returned to the ring.

"I had hand trouble and could not take the power of my punch," Hamed said. "I needed cortisone injections to take away the pain when I fought, then after every fight the gloves would be whipped off and my hands would be as big as balloons."

"It was getting ridiculous and you can't go on with no ammunition. I was one of the hardest punchers ever known but if the hands are quite brittle and you do damage, then it's hard to carry on. If the hands were fine, I'd love to come back. I did boxing for 21 years, from the age of 7, I love boxing, miss boxing and I believe that boxing misses me."

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