Last August, John Riel Casimero and Guillermo Rigondeaux faced each other in one of the most forgettable fights in recent memory.  Casimero ended up winning a split decision that lacked suspense and didn't have a lot of action.

In an article that ran on on Sunday, Rigondeaux reiterated that he feels he was robbed in the fight and that he should have been awarded the victory.

“Let no one forget El Jackal, let them remember me as I am. I will give my best. They gave [Casimero] a little Christmas present. He knows and ask him if he wants to fight me again. I'm sure he will tell you no. I left him throwing up like a bitch. As for me, I will always be well prepared. You will never find me tired. That will never happen. [I want people to] believe in me that I have always been a winner. In February the fire and the candle will return," Rigondeaux told George Ebro.

Rigondeaux's comments were relayed to Manny Pacquiao Promotions' president Sean Gibbons, who shook his head in disbelief before issuing his own retort. 

"Rigondeaux must have fallen down and hit his head or he is high as a kite. He needs to go back and watch the fight. He needs to take a look at what the fans said. He was an embarrassment. He ran like he stole something. That wasn't boxing. Boxing is what he had done in previous fights. He did some nice jobs against (Liborio) Solis and some other fighters but that was an outright embarrassment that he tried to run out of the ring at times and run for his life," Gibbons told

"Stop the nonsense. It is over. Nobody ever wants to see that sh!t again. It was horrifying the first time. Showtime is looking for their money back. The fans are looking for their money back. It was the most embarrassing fight I have been involved with in my 35 years so stop with the bullsh!t."

Casimero will defend his WBO bantamweight title against Paul Butler on April 22nd.

Rigondeaux faces Vincent Astrolabio in a WBC bantamweight eliminator on February 26th.

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