Former world champion Sergio Mora is not expecting to see Floyd Mayweather take part in another fight of any kind, after his performance last Sunday against Youtube star Logan Paul at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Mayweather, 44-years-old and a five division champion, retired from boxing in August 2017.

His last fight had come against UFC superstar Conor McGregor, who was stopped in ten rounds.

The last time Mayweather faced an actual boxer was in September 2015, when he outboxed Andre Berto over twelve rounds.

Mayweather and Paul collided in an exhibition match - and many were surprised that Paul, who has far less experience in boxing, was able to last the full eight round distance.

Paul did have a significant size advantage, with at least a 40-pound edge and six inches of height.

Mora believes Mayweather does not possess the hunger he once had as a fighter - which was partially confirmed when the retired boxer admitted that he barely trained for the Paul bout.

Mayweather was realistic that his performance was just a shadow of what he was capable of doing in his prime years - which is why he doesn't see himself fighting again.

"I think we’ve seen the last of Floyd Mayweather with boxing gloves at 44.... with those legs against an inexperienced but bigger, naturally stronger, athletic Logan Paul. [Paul is] athletic, he is strong, and takes training seriously.. I don't care if [Mayweather] calls it a legalized bank robbery," Mora stated on the DAZN Boxing Show.

“Mayweather is bound to get caught, clipped, it's not going to be a fair fight. It's still punch for punch. One haymaker from a bigger, stronger guy. It only takes one shot. The legs weren’t there, the hunger wasn’t there, he didn’t even train for this. I'm fine with him going to Japan to fight kickboxers, join the WWE charade, but as far as boxing with no headgear, I think no more.”