Retiring from the sport of boxing is incredibly tricky. For fighters, most have been boxing since they were incredibly young. In essence, it’s the only life that they know.

We’ve seen it all before. Floyd Mayweather dipped his toe in and out of the retirement waters before officially calling it a career in 2017. But even after racking up a spotless record through 50 pro fights, a Hall of Fame spot, and of course, the sort of money that’s hard to fathom - Mayweather still throws on his gear and shows off his otherworldly, yet diminished, talent in exhibitions.

Manny Pacquiao is another fighter that doesn’t know when to walk away. The 44-year-old former eight-division champ recently announced that he’s making a full comeback in 2024. What’s difficult to some, however, was a walk in the park for Mikey Garcia. Although he was entangled in long stretches of inactivity at times, Garcia put together the sort of career that most can only dream of.

World title wins in four separate weight classes and big time victories over the likes of Adrien Broner and Robert Easter Jr., could place Garcia in the Hall of Fame.

Ultimately, his career ended without much fanfare or even an announcement. Garcia, after losing just his second fight, placed on his Instagram bio “retired fighter.” It was a bit anticlimactic but Garcia wouldn’t have it any other way.

In terms of what he’s doing today to keep himself occupied, Garcia likes to kick back, relax, enjoy family time, and watch his investment portfolio grow.

How about that itch? You know the one that retired fighters normally have before they make their return? Garcia doesn’t suffer from any of that. With a career filled with zero regrets, Garcia walks around just fine with the way things played out.

“Nope,” said Garcia to ESNEWS during a recent interview when asked if he ever plans on coming back. “I’m happy with what I accomplished and what I did.”