Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson does not expect Oleksandr Usyk to have a realistic chance of beating Tyson Fury - unless he stands his ground and actually fights.

Uysk, who holds the WBO, IBF, WBA, IBO world titles, is in serious negotiations to face Fury, the holder of the WBC world title. The winner would become the undisputed champion of the weight class.

Fury has a tremendous physical advantage in size - which is why most experts believe Usyk will use speed and footwork to pile up points.

According to Tyson, utilizing a strategy of constant movement will backfire for Usyk. He believes the judges will side with Fury - unless Usyk gets some respect in the ring by actually fighting.

"[Usyk] can’t run forever. Tyson’s going to get him in the corner, he’s going to get him with some punches, and he’s going to hurt him eventually," Tyson told iD Boxing.

"He’s going to run all night. He has to stay and fight to win the fight. At some particular time, he’s going to have to stand and fight.

"He can’t run and box all night – they’re not gonna give him the decision, now with Tyson. They want to see some fighting. After watching him and Deontay Wilder in a fight, they ain’t going to go for no running and hitting."

Tyson believes Fury is going to come away with all the gold. He wants to see the 'Gypsy King' get more active in his career, by fighting multiple times in 2023.

"Tyson Fury is going to win, and I think Tyson should fight more. They take too much time in between fights," Tyson said.

"I fought 15 times in one year. I’m a strong believer of four or five times a year; they should fight."