Miguel Madueno extended his knockout streak Tuesday night against the most proven, stubborn opponent of his career.

The 22-year-old knockout artist stopped Sonny Fredrickson with less than one minute remaining in their 10-round bout in Hollywood, Florida. Fredrickson withstood the hard-hitting Madueno’s early in the first four rounds and came back to take control during the middle rounds, but the determined Madueno hurt him in both the ninth and 10th rounds.

Referee Samuel Burgos stepped between them to stop their action-packed, back-and-forth fight after the strong Mexican junior welterweight drilled Fredrickson with a three-punch combination that knocked him into the ropes. Their bout was halted at 2:04 of the 10th round on the TrillerVerz II undercard, which will feature junior welterweights Pablo Cesar Cano and Danielito Zorrilla in the main event at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Madueno improved to 25-0, produced his 23rd knockout and extended his knockout streak to 11. Fredrickson (21-5, 14 KOs), of Toledo, Ohio, lost his fourth straight fight and was stopped inside the distance for the second time in his seven-year pro career.

Madueno prompted Burgos to halt the action after landing a vicious right uppercut, a left hook and a straight right hand with just under a minute remaining in their bout.

Perhaps sensing a fading Fredrickson was vulnerable, Madueno went after him as soon as the 10th round started. Madueno’s right hand moved Fredrickson backward about 15 seconds into that final round.

Fredrickson drilled Madueno with a right hand approximately 20 seconds later. Fredrickson tried to tie up Madueno at times because he was tired in that final round.

Madueno’s left-right combination stopped Fredrickson from moving forward at the halfway point of the ninth round. An aggressive Madueno then drilled Fredrickson with a right hand about 10 seconds later.

Madueno’s left hook appeared to buzz Fredrickson with just over 50 seconds on the clock in the ninth round as well.

A right-left combination by Fredrickson staggered Madueno about 1:20 into the eighth round. A fresher Fredrickson had more energy during that round and consistently landed the flusher punches in those three minutes.

Fredrickson’s right hand clipped Madueno about 40 seconds into the seventh round. Fredrickson also landed a hard right hand with just under 20 seconds on the clock in the seventh round and a flush left hook several seconds thereafter.

Fredrickson’s right uppercut snapped Madueno’s head back a few seconds before the halfway point of the sixth round. Referee Samuel Burgos deducted a point from Madueno with 23 seconds to go in the sixth round for holding Fredrickson’s head down and hitting him.

Madueno landed three left hands in a row while Fredrickson held his right arm as the sixth round came to a close.

Fredrickson caught Madueno with a left hook to the body that made Madueno take a couple steps backward with just under 10 seconds on the clock in the fifth round. Madueno fired back with hard head shots to prevent Fredrickson from capitalizing on that success before the fifth round ended.

Madueno landed a left uppercut about 1:20 into the fifth round. Fredrickson connected with a right hand approximately 20 seconds later.

Fredrickson’s left hook to Madueno’s body landed with about 50 seconds remaining in the fourth round. Madueno snapped back Fredrickson’s head with a hard right hand about 10 seconds later.

Fredrickson connected with a left hook to Madueno’s body barely 50 seconds into the third round. Fredrickson landed multiple head shots after that body blow, but Madueno kept pressing forward.

Madueno drilled Fredrickson with a straight right several seconds before the midway mark of the third round. Madueno’s vicious right turned Fredrickson’s head around with 15 seconds to go in the third round.

After a first round in which Fredrickson took several flush punches, he drilled Madueno with a left hook 1:05 into the second round. Mandueno landed the harder shots with more consistency for the remainder of the second round.

Fredrickson snuck in a right hand a couple seconds before the second round concluded.

Fredrickson drilled Madueno with a straight right hand that landed with 45 seconds to go in the first round. Mandueno took that shot well, though, and unloaded several power punches that made Fredrickson retreat.

Madueno landed a left hook and then a right hand that backed Fredrickson into the ropes just before the first round ended.

Keith Idec is a senior writer/columnist for BoxingScene.com. He can be reached on Twitter @Idecboxing.