As previously reported on, actor Mickey Rourke is planning a return to boxing at age 64, so he can notch up 10 wins on his record.

Rourke has eight professional wins under his belt and he wants two more fights in 2017 to end his ring career with 10 victories.

"We're not going to talk about [my comeback fight] until we have a date though, just two more times. I want to retire at 10-0-2. I'm 8-0-2, I want the zero," Rourke told TMZ Sports. "I'm like a cold piece of steel."

Rourke might fight again in February or March of next year as he ponders the possibility of holding a fight in Russia’s Urals, his agent Vadim Kornilov confirmed last month.

The veteran actor has been preparing himself at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, California, has been out of the ring since November of 2014.

Rourke is not afraid of ending up like the near 52-year-old Bernard Hopkins, who last month was knocked out of the ring and to the floor in the eight round of his retirement fight with Joe Smith in Los Angeles.

"Hopkins went out of the ring very, very hard. Nobody likes to lose. That was an unfortunate accident," Rourke said.

Two years ago, Rourke defeated 29-year-old American fighter Elliot Seymour in an exhibition bout at a Moscow concert hall in what was the Hollywood actor’s return to the ring at the age of 62 and for the first time in the past 20 years. But days after the fight, Seymour did several interviews where he claimed to have been paid to throw the fight.

During Rourke’s bout in the Russian capital, Seymour was down on the floor twice in the second round before the fight was stopped by the referee.

Born in the state of New York in 1952, Rourke, a 2008 Golden Globe award winner for his role in motion picture Wrestler, took to boxing at the age of 12, when he won his first bout in flyweight (112-pound or 51 kg) division.