By Mark Vester

It appears that Mayweather "0" does not go. The Nevada State Athletic Commission held their Thursday afternoon meeting to review the 10th round riot which took place during this past weekend' pay-per-view battle between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Zab Judah. Shortly after the fight, the purses of both fighters were held and an immediate meeting was scheduled to review the in-ring events in order to hand out disciplinary action.

The result of the bout will not get overturned. Mayweather will stand as the unanimous decision winner, which also means Mayweather is still the IBF welterweight champion. Mayweather's $5 million dollar purse has been released, while Judah's purse is still being witheld pending a disciplinary hearing. As reported in the media, Judah has financial issues and most of his purse from the Mayweather bout is going to be collected by the Internal Revenue Service.

Roger Mayweather, uncle and trainer to Floyd Mayweather, was fined $200,000 dollars and received a one year suspension for his role in the 10th round riot. The in-ring riot began when Roger Mayweather entering the ring during the end of round ten to confront Zab Judah for hitting Floyd with a low blow. Once Mayweather entered the ring and was quickly restrained by referee Richard Steele, Yoel Judah, the father and trainer of Zab Judah, entered the ring and punched Roger Mayweather - sparking a ring riot when the camps of both fighters charged the ring to exchange punches. The fight was restarted when order was eventually restored by security and police officers.

Mayweather can reapply for a trainer's license after the one year suspension has been served.