Former five division champion Floyd Mayweather, 43-years-old, is already looking to stage more fights beyond his upcoming exhibition bout with Youtube star Logan Paul.

Mayweather retired from boxing in August of 2017 with a perfect record of 50-0, after stopping UFC superstar Conor McGregor in ten rounds at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

He returned to the ring in December 2018, in an exhibition bout, when he traveled over to Japan and destroyed Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in one round. 

The exhibition bout with Paul, 25-years-old, will take place on February 20th - on pay-per-view.

The event is being backed by Fanmio, a company that connects fans with their favorite celebrities.

Fanmio's business move is likely influenced by the Triller app, which financially backed last month's pay-per-view exhibition between boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones. The Tyson-Jones PPV was a big financial success, with over 1.5 million purchases.

Mayweather is no stranger to chasing down lucrative opportunities. He's interested in staging more high profile exhibitions.

"I can't speak for Floyd's future but I can tell you we are looking to work together beyond this fight. So, there may be future fights beyond this one but it's too early to tell for sure. We have a lot to bring to the table and the sport of boxing. But, at the end of the day his future will be determined by him," Solomon Engel, Founder and CEO of Fanmio, to The Sun.

"Floyd's very excited for the fight [with Paul]. He sees some big opportunities here, and I don't want to speak for him but I think we all feel this could be a very historical fight and a number of different levels. Anyone that Floyd faces will bring a lot of eyeballs and a lot of interest.

"There are certainly other potential opponents but I don't want to say names now. I think it something that requires further conversations with Floyd and those parties before we can see whether those bouts can come about.

"Fanmio is a new division of boxing. We are taking this very seriously and we are already working through other really exciting events. There are certainly other big fighters that we are in discussions with, putting fights together for hopefully next year. We are definitely taking the more untraditional approach, meaning we are trying to create the most exciting fights - that would generate in the millions of PPVs. We have a handful of very exciting fights to come."