Former five division world champion Floyd Mayweather believes that he provided a lot of entertainment for the viewing audience, this past Sunday when faced Youtuber Deji in an exhibition bout.

Deji, the younger brother of fellow YouTube star KSI, seemed out his element as Mayweather toyed with him in the fight.

Mayweather was dancing, clowning around, and barely broke a sweat in the contest.

The end came in the sixth round, when Mayweather began to punish Deji - forcing the referee to step in.

Deji admits Mayweather was taunting him in the ring and at times was simply enjoying himself.

"He was just having fun in there, doing whatever. He was talking a lot, going 'I'm Money Mayweather, I do what I do!' and all that," Deji said.

"It takes a lot to get in the ring, I am proud of myself for even doing this because initially I was scared to do this fight with Floyd. Now look at me, I'm out here with a big smile on my face. His punch placement was very good and his accuracy was immense, he's very slick. I did catch him but I kind of doubted myself a bit in the ring, over time I was getting the flow of things."

Mayweather had a bruise around his eye, but doesn't seem bothered by the minor damage. He gave praise to Deji for landing a good shot, which may have been one of the few flush punches that Deji managed to land.

"That's cool, you guys wanted to see a little something. I had to close the gap and when you close the gap that happens. I'm glad that Deji landed a good shot. This is part of fighting, this is part of entertaining. Everyone wanted to see entertainment and that's what we gave them," Mayweather said.