Five division world champion Floyd Mayweather denies that he intentionally tried to overshadow the media event that was being staged by one of his company fighters, Gervonta 'Tank' Davis.

Last Thursday, a press conference was staged in Brooklyn to announce Davis' Showtime pay-per-view clash with Rolando Romero.

A few hours later in Miami, Mayweather held a press conference to announce an upcoming exhibition fight with Don Moore, which is going to take place in Dubai next month.

Although Mayweather's company is promoting Davis - there is a lot of tension between them and Davis has openly expressed his desire to become a free agent. The two have had a very rocky business relationship in the last few years.

When news of Mayweather's presser began to circulate in the press, Davis took to social media to take a shot at the Hall of Famer in a since deleted tweet.

Mayweather explained that the event promoters were unable to push back his presser with Moore and were forced to stage it on that particular day.

"Anderson Silva had to fly out of Miami. So we couldn't do the press conference on any other day. They said, 'We'll pay you $1 million to do it.' I said, 'No problem.' I can feed my family with that," Mayweather told

"I'm the same one that got on a podium not long ago and went to war for my fighter, I said, 'Why isn't Tank on the P4P list?' When my fighter didn't make weight, I went to war for my fighter. These are things we seem to forget."