Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Bill Haney have been overdue clearing the air, and while the former allies obviously still have some tension to resolve, their frank and sometimes-heated 10-minute video chat on Instagram seemed to reduce the strain.

Calling the Hall of Famer Mayweather “P.B.” in a reference to how long he’s known the retired 50-0 champion once nicknamed the “Pretty Boy”, Haney started the conversation with hostility by telling Mayweather he views him as a “b****-*ss” [racial epithet]”.

Haney, the father, manager and trainer of the WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney, understandably isn’t in the best of moods following his son’s stunning majority decision loss to Ryan Garcia on Saturday night at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where Garcia (25-1) knocked down Haney (31-1) with left hooks in the seventh, 10th and 11th rounds.

Devin Haney trained at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas for years and was long mentored by Mayweather before ultimately leaving to seek his own path; Mayweather promoted the unbeaten champion around the same age and weight class, Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

Since then Bill Haney has chided Mayweather for not supporting the underserved and needy around “the streets” of Las Vegas while also declaring his son had accomplished more by the age of 25 than Mayweather.   

“You need some help?” Mayweather asked the freshly wounded Haney toward the close of their video chat. “You needed some help the other night. If [Devin] needs me, I’m going to be there for him. Anytime I help with Devin, it’s total love, period.”

While that led to the pair laughing as the conversation ended, and Mayweather urging Haney to call him for a private chat, there was tension earlier.

Haney told Mayweather he didn’t appreciate Mayweather seeming to refute a comment that Devin Haney had previously gotten the better of Mayweather in some sparring.

“Bill, if your son is undefeated in the gym, congrats!” Mayweather said. “What’s my record under the lights?”

To that, Haney responded, “You’re 50-0 with that boxing s***. That don’t mean nothing.”

Few can talk to Mayweather that way, but the retired fighter stayed on the call, hashing it out.

Mayweather, 47, pressed Haney to reveal why he feels wronged by the five-division champion who counted victories over greats including Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez while performing in the four most lucrative pay-per-view fights of all time.

“Do something for the streets… if you don’t do something for the streets, you’re a ho-*** [racial epithet],” responded Haney, after recently complaining on social media that Mayweather hadn’t financially contributed to a mutual friend’s funeral. 

Mayweather said he takes pride in removing himself from the streets, and used his father, Floyd Sr.’s past trouble there as motivation to pursue a better life.

But Haney said: “I just saw your kids on the streets.”

Mayweather responded: “When kids get to a certain age, they’re going to do what they want to do, and when they don’t want to listen, you disconnect.”

Haney said he’s looking out for the Mayweathers, and told Floyd, “You don’t even say thank you for that.”

Mayweather pushed to understand where they go from here.

“Bill, is your ultimate goal for our kids to go to the next level, or is your goal for us to go against each other?” he asked.

A bit later, Haney said: “I’m not going to keep rapping with you. You know what time it is.”

To that, Mayweather offered the support to Devin Haney and asked for the follow-up call, to which Haney appeared to be joking by saying “No”, laughing heartily at what may prove a healing exchange.