Mexico's Mauricio Lara has promised to take down former featherweight world champion Josh Warrington in their anticipated rematch on Saturday night in Warrington's hometown of Leeds.

A packed crowd is expected to cheer Warrington on at the Emerald Headingley Stadium.

Back in February, Lara made a big statement when he dropped Warrington in the fourth round and then finished him off with a dramatic knockout in the ninth.

He was unknown and a big underdog the first time around.

This time around, it's viewed by many as a 50-50 fight.

Lara feels confident that his power will once again push him to victory.

"So if you look around some are saying I am the favorite, others are saying I am not," Lara told Mirror Fighting.

"But for me none of that even matters, he is at home so the pressure is on him. I am not bothered by being an underdog, I know that I am just here to win and will win and get my hands raised. You have to question why the fight is being prepared in his back-yard this time, so for me the pressure must be on him too, and we have worked hard to prepare our plan.

"Since that fight we have been able to prepare in a more intelligent way and a more professional way. We were only given one month to prepare for the fight last time, but this time I will be fully prepared for the fight and be able to develop my strategies. I believe that I will show this preparation when I land my first serious shot in the fight, and you will all see. Warrington will need to have a lot of plans, because once he feels that first punch he is going to struggle."