Mauricio “Bronco” Lara is willing to give Leigh Wood a rematch, because he thinks the British boxer deserves it. Lara is back in training, and is contemplating mid-June as a possible date for his next fight.

Back in February, Lara captured the WBA featherweight championship with a stoppage of Wood in the seventh round.

“My manager Alex (Brito) is checking about the rematch," Mauricio Lara told Izquierdazo. “I think that Wood gave me an opportunity without being mandatory, and as a (former) champion, he deserves a rematch. But whatever comes, I will take it”.

Lara confirms that there was, indeed, a rematch clause in the contract. Wood has stated that he plans to activate the clause, but Lara indicates that hasn't happened yet.

“Yes, there is a signed rematch clause (in the contract)," Lara said. “We don’t know yet (if Wood is going to activate it for an immediate rematch). That's what we are discussing, and with the passing of days, we will know what happens''.

Bronco is open to any option, a trilogy with Josh Warrington included.

“Whatever my manager says”, Lara said. “He is going to put all the options on the table. What I say is that I want to be a solid champion. And I’m going to prepare myself for a rematch (with Wood), for a third fight with Warrington, or for anyone”.

Just two weeks after stopping Wood, and becoming a world champion for the first time in his career, Lara went right back to the gym, beginning his training at a solid pace.

“I wanted to train that week," Lara said. “But they ordered me to rest. Since Monday (March 6th) we began to train hard. We are picking up the pace. I even sparred. My energy as a champion is alive."

Lara is enjoying his first few weeks as a world champion, but he is still trying to believe and convince himself that, finally, he is a world titleholder.

“Yes, I visualized myself as a world champion, but now that I have it, I don’t believe it," Lara said. “Now, all of Mexico is paying attention to me, and that is satisfying. All the people around me are happy about that 15 year old boy that used to deliver tortillas on a bicycle is now in the big leagues."

Lara admits that everything changes in the way that people see him now.

“Everything changes, now they ask me for a selfie, autographs, how people treat you, how they are proud about you," Lara said. “Everything changes, and is quite nice. I don’t want to come down from this cloud that required so much work."