THE LIGHTWEIGHT BANGER Mark Chamberlain believes he has now earned his stripes as a bonafide BT Sport attraction following his first round destruction of Jordan Ellison last Saturday.

Chamberlain, now 8-0, detonated a left hook to just below the ribs of the Sunderland-born 25-year-old and it quickly became clear that it was game over and the Pompey puncher had executed another speedy finish to his night's work.

Ellison has been around and done the rounds in his 45-fight career to date, but never before has he been chopped down with less than 90 seconds on the clock and Chamberlain admits he did not see it coming.

"Nah, never in a million years!" confirmed the 22-year-old, who is trained by Wayne Batten. "I was thinking in my head that I would get a few rounds - at least five or six - but I timed it nice and caught him with a lovely body shot. It couldn't have gone any better.

"I think I am the only one who has conquered him in the first! I had a look on Boxrec because I didn't really know who he had boxed other than Sam (Noakes) had stopped him in five or six. I didn't know he had been in with Zelfa Barrett and Lewis Ritson and they are heading to world level.

"It proves that I am on the same path as them," he added, before pointing out that emulating fellow hot lightweight prospect Noakes was not part of his thinking beforehand.

"You know what, I got asked that about 10 times, with people saying I had to go out there and stop him before round five. To me it is not about that, I want to get in there and look good doing it, not go looking for the knockout. It just doesn't work in your favour.

"Saturday night couldn't have gone any better for me, it was perfect. For John Fury to sit there and praise me like he did, even a BT bloke asked him if he was feeling alright because he doesn't normally do it.

"They were strong words from him saying he believed he had seen a future world champion. If he is a man of his word - and I think he is - I'd love to be a world champion and I will go for it."

Chamberlain is prepared to bide his time, bearing in mind his age and relative lack of experience. He does, however, fancy a fight that plants a little fear in his belly during preparations. For now though, he prepared to abide by the maxim 'Frank knows best'.

"I watched an interview with Frank Warren the other day and he is the boss. He obviously knows his stuff and he said I am only 22 and there is no rush, but hopefully next time out we get someone in the top 20 or close to for another eight rounder.

"Then we can maybe look for something for me because I don't think I am far off. Whatever route they want to take me down I will grab with both hands. I know I've had eight fights and I'm only 22, but look at Louie Lynn on Saturday night, who boxed out of this world in fighting 10 rounds and winning a title.

"I want to be there as well. Everyone is commenting on my photos saying it is time for a strap, time for a title, so why not? There are some good fights to be made and lightweight is probably one of the hardest divisions out there if you look at the names in it from this level to world level. It is unbelievable."

Promoter Warren made sure to issue some words of encouragement to the plasterer-by-day and boosted his spirits by stating an intention to return him to the ring in the near future.

"I got out of the ring and had a word with Frank. He said he wants to keep me active and will get me out in four or five weeks time. Here I am back running and back in the gym, waiting for that phone call and ready to go.

"Especially in this lockdown, I am so grateful to have been out the three times I have and on telly. For Frank to say personally he wants to keep me active is good to hear because normally you have a fight and have nothing to work towards until your next call.

"Without a doubt, I feel I have earned my spot now. They know what I am now and I am starting to get noticed a bit. Hopefully we can get the big fights and get going."