By Ruslan Chikov

Sources within Antonio Margarito's team are disputing reports that WBA 154-pound champion Miguel Cotto may be in line for a shot at WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao. Anonymous sources who are close to Margarito informed Golzka the former champion from Mexico "is ready" to fight Pacquiao at any time and their shot at Pacquiao was promised to them by the mutal promoter of both fighters, Top Rank.

There are continued negotiations for a November fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. If no deal is reached, Margarito becomes the first in line to face Pacquiao, contrary to reports which suggest Cotto is the fighter in line to replace Mayweather. If a Pacquiao fight is made with Mayweather, the paper was told Margarito would like to get a rematch with Cotto.

To make a future Pacquiao fight possible, Margarito must reclaim his license to box in the United States. He lost the license during a February 2009 hearing with the California State Atheltic Commission. They found him liable for an illegal substance discovered in his handwraps before a scheduled fight with Shane Mosley on January 24, 2009.