By Jhonny Gonzalez

Antonio Margarito has lashed out over the circulated video that appears to have him, and lightweight stablemate Brandon Rios, mocking Freddie Roach's physical ailments due to his struggles with Parkinson's disease. Margarito's claims the "video was edited" to present something different than what it actually was.

Margarito claims that he was making some comments about Roach being scared and shaking his hands to depict Manny Pacquiao's trainer shaking in fear over what might happen this Saturday at Cowboys Stadium. The Mexican boxer says it was not his intention to mock Roach's physical condition.

"I want to tell the fans and everyone in Mexico that I was really bothered by this video, but I am calm and God knows I'm not making fun of anything. I did say that 'he was scared' and shook my hands, but I was not making making fun of him. I don't want people to be confused because it's not true," Margarito said.

"If he really wants an apology, I have no problem with that because I know I'm not laughing at his disease. I can look him straight in the eyes and tell him...'I'm not laughing at you, I respect you.'"