Former world champion Marcos “Chino” Maidana has sent a message of encouragement to his former opponent, Adrien Broner, who recently cancelled his scheduled Showtime televised fight with Omar Figueroa Jr. - which was scheduled to take place earlier this month.

In his withdrawal, Broner explained that his mental health was suffering and that he was “going through a lot” at this moment in his life.

The Argentinian banger, who handed Broner his first career defeat in December of 2013, retired from the sport in 2014.

“I don't know how Broner feels at this moment, if he is doing well or not," Maidana told Izquierdazo. “I heard he had some legal issues and mental problems, but I wish him the best. I hope he can get back to the ring soon, and to be a champion again. He is a great boxer."

Maidana also expressed his desire to have an exhibition fight with Broner, who is a former four division world champion.

Broner had stated in a recent interview that he was very eager to have an exhibition clash with Maidana.

The two fighters have actually discussed the possibility of such a fight.

“I would like to have an exhibition fight with Broner," Maidana said. “We always talk about that. If there is a chance to do something with him, it would be a great thing. I would like to fight with him, or with Victor Ortiz. They were two opponents who squeezed the best out of me, and I have a nice relationship with them”.

Marcos also sent his support via Instagram, commenting on one of Broner’s posts, where Adrien promised to return soon to the ring.

“Yes, you can," replied Maidana in his comment.