La Bombonera, one of the most iconic venues in the history of Argentine sports, could be the venue for a potential June return of former world champion Marcos 'Chino' Maidana.

Maidana, who has not entered the ring since he faced Floyd Mayweather twice in 2014, plans to put on his gloves and face Venezuelan Jaider Parra, who in 2019 surprised and removed the undefeated record of younger brother Fabian Maidana.

"We have thought [about facing] Jadier Parra, the Venezuelan who fought with my brother in Mar del Plata, we have thought about doing the fight with him and well, we are trying to arrive there by June. I think that almost everything is concrete," revealed Maidana to ESPN Deportes.

Maidana, 37-years-old, has a record of 35-5 with 31 knockouts.

A few days ago, Maidana was seen visiting La Bombonera and was inevitably asked about the possibility of returning there.

"We're going to do it in La Bombonera or in a nice stadium around here, but it's going to be something nice," Maidana said.

Maidana has long been flirting with the possibility of returning to the ring and even last year he scheduled an exhibition fight against Jorge 'Acero' Cali - but it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We'll see what happens, we'll do this fight and then we'll see, I think I feel good, depending on how I look, I cannot say what can happen in the future because I have to do the first fight and then see what happens," said Maidana.