Former two division world champion Paulie Malignaggi, who retired earlier this year, is making a big push for a boxing showdown with UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

McGregor made his professional boxing debut back in August, in massive pay-per-view clash against Floyd Mayweather Jr. at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Mayweather wore out McGregor and put him away in the tenth round of the fight.

Malignaggi was one of McGregor's sparring partners for the fight.

But the Brooklyn boxer unexpectedly left the camp after only two sparring sessions.

Malignaggi was furious after McGregor's camp members released images of the sparring sessions - which showed Malignaggi down on the mat and taking punishment during the spar.

He claims McGregor and his team were manipulating the fans by making it appear as if the sparring session was a one-sided beating - and he also says the knockdown was a push-down.

For weeks the two athletes have been trading words. McGregor wants to face Malignaggi under MMA rules in the octagon, while Malignaggi wants a straight up boxing match.

If the fight is put together, Malignaggi feels confident that he would knock McGregor out within ten rounds.

“It shouldn’t be a problem to make a fight in boxing. I’ll knock his ass out in front of all his fans. I’ll knock him out in front of everybody. It’s not even difficult to knock him out. You don’t even have to hit him hard. He’s looking for the first window to jump out of," Malignaggi told ES News.

"He’s the biggest poser in combat sports. I watched him in his fights. I’ve seen him face to face. He puts on an act. He’s a con artist and he’s conned all the idiot fans. If I was really to predict it, I’d say the same amount of rounds as Floyd. You’ve got to get him there first, and he’ll jump off the cliff for you. You’ve just got to take him to the edge of the cliff and he’ll jump off. You don’t even have to push him. He’ll jump off for you.

"He doesn’t like the heat. When the heat rises, he looks to jump out. He doesn’t try to put the first out with some water. He doesn’t know how to fight back with some water. He tries to jump out of the window and get out.”