Luis Alberto Lopez has vowed to be really careful in the upcoming mandatory fight with IBF featherweight champion Josh Warrington - due to the beltholder's fighting style.

Several boxers have accused Warrington of being a dirty fighter and using his head as a tool in fights.

Lopez will challenge Warrington on December 10 at the First Direct Arena in Leeds.

"I know he's a very tough and dirty fighter," Lopez told Izquierdazo. "He sticks his head in a lot."

Mauricio Lara and Kiko Martinez, the Englishman's last two opponents, have both complained about Warrington’s charging forward with his head.

"I know he's a great fighter, but he messes up," Lopez added. "He knows [why] he hasn't left his country, he feels comfortable there. I’m gonna die trying [to win], make a smart camp, and try to do my best in that fight."

While always being cautious of Warrington's fighting style, Lopez knows that overwhelming him from the beginning will be key.

"I have to start hitting him a lot so that he starts to get desperate," Lopez said. 

"I think the key is going to be speed. It's going to be essential to work on the speed to start hitting him, to start frustrating him. We are working hard so that our punches do not get lost, that they stay strong and fast.

"I have to be very attentive, work hard and try to knock him out. I’m going to his country, against the local fans, the judges, everybody…. I have to do a great preparation. I have to carry a lot of air —in my lungs — just in case it goes twelve rounds, but I’m going to work hard because I’m practically going against everything.

"Let’s fight clean and see who is better in the ring. He better get ready because I am going for that title. It won’t be easy for him."