On April 16, at Allianz Cloud in Milan (Italy), in a card promoted by Opi Since 82-Matchroom and streamed live by DAZN undefeated super middleweights Ivan Zucco (12-0 with 10 KOs) and “The Mentalist” Luca Capuano (11-0 with 2 KOs) will fight for the vacant Italian championship over the ten round distance.

Both are considered talented fighters that can go a long way in a division which includes European Union champion Daniele Scardina and former WBA World champion Giovanni De Carolis, who will fight for the vacant European crown against Lerrone Richards in May in London. I

Zucco said that Capuano is a counterpuncher who won’t stay in the middle of the ring to brawl with him. That’s why he's confident in becoming the Italian super middleweight champion.

Capuano has other ideas.

Luca, are you familiar with Zucco’s fighting style?

“Yes, I am and he knows my fighting style. I read what he said and I know that he is confident to beat me. Good for him, but I am also confident to beat him. Every fight is different. It’s true that he has more KO wins than me, but that doesn’t me that he has more power than me. We must consider who he knocked out. I am totally focused on this fight and I will be Italian champion.”

What about your training sessions?

“I am training in Brindisi, Puglia region in Southern Italy. My boxing coach is former pro fighter Pasquale Mazza and my athletic coach is Arcangelo Romano. They will be in my corner at Allianz Cloud. I have been training for Zucco since last November, we should have fought in December but the fight was postponed. I had a lot of time to prepare well to beat Ivan.”

Do you have an idol?

“My favorite fighters are Vasiliy Lomachneko and Oleksandr Usyk by a longshot. I also like Floyd Mayweather, but not as much as the Ukrainians.”

In your weight division there are also Daniele Scardina and Giovanni De Carolis. What do you think about them?

“I would be happy to fight both of them. I already beat Daniele Scardina when we were amateurs. Right now, I have to take care of Ivan Zucco. When I become Italian champion, I‘ll consider every option.”

Your nickname is “The Mentalist”. Why?

“They say that I can read my opponent’s strategy like Thomas Jane could read the mind of the people he investigated.”

The April 16 event will be behind closed doors. Do you want to tell something to your fans?

“The event will provide great boxing fights and I and Ivan Zucco will put on a great show. Don’t miss the action on DAZN!”