Youtube star Logan Paul was not pleased with the outcome of his six round split decision loss to KSI, who prevailed in their grudge rematch on Saturday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Two judges scored the fight 57-54 56-55 in his favor, with the other giving Paul a 56-55 victory. They both turned pro to have this bout - while the first contest, which took place last year - ended in a disputed draw under amateur rules.

“I was more calm, I worked on my conditioning. The more I boxed the more comfortable I get. Boxing is a weird type of conditioning I guess," Paul said.

There was controversy during the fourth round, when Paul was deducted two points by the referee - in the aftermath of a knocking down KSI.

The referee deducted a point from Paul for holding KSI's head in position while throwing a second uppercut to score the knockdown, and deducted a second point after Paul hit KSI while he was down.

Paul felt he should have only received a warning - and plans to appeal that decision with the California State Athletic Commission.

“My emotions got the best of me. No warning, I got two points taken away from me and that’s why I lost. If you do the math that’s I why I lost. I want to contest the [the referee's ruling with the] commission. I should’ve only got a warning,” Paul said.

And Paul does plan to fight again - although KSI appears to have no interest in doing a trilogy fight.

“Yes [I will fight again], these are the best moments of my life. Yeah you will definitely see me back. I’m going to commission on that [ruling by the referee],” Paul said.