Cain Sandoval turned some heads in Santa Ynez on Friday night.

The 21-year-old won a 10-round unanimous decision over former 2008 US Olympian Javier Molina and after the fight Sandoval’s promoter, Tom Loeffler, the head of 360 Promotions reflected upon Sandoval’s win over the tricky veteran.

“It was a great learning experience for [Cain Sandoval]. He didn’t get the knockout, but in exchange for that he got a great learning experience against a world-class fighter and former Olympian in Javier Molina,” said Loeffler.

Though Sandoval saw his impressive 11-fight knockout streak disappear, the hopes around his career haven’t diminished. Although he had a deep amateur pedigree, he started on the club scene and was recently signed by 360 Promotions, making the most of each moment. 

Sandoval is now 12-0, with 11 KOs. Friday represented the first time he had gone to a decision. It also was his first time completing 10-rounds as a professional. 

“Every time we put him in the ring with someone tougher, he always comes out shining,” said Loeffler.

Loeffler also praised Sandoval and his team for their willingness to take hard fights. 

“The great thing about Cain is they are not afraid to put him in tough fights, which is important as a trainer, as a manager, as a promoter, that these young fighters learn from their fights. That they don’t just get padded records. Cain is definitely learning in these fights.”

The toughest thing about Sandoval now is deciding if he is a prospect or contender. If he isn’t a contender, he is a top-tier prospect. 

“That is about as close of a distinction [as there can be],” added Loeffler. “He doesn’t have a title yet, but he can easily be a main event fighter. I think he is right on the verge of being a contender.”