Leo Santa Cruz will allocate the next days, weeks and even months to decide, together with his family, whether he will remain in boxing or retire after his brutal knockout loss to Gervonta Davis on Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

'El Famoso Terremoto', who is in good health after a routine check-up at the hospital, said he believes he disappointed many people with that knockout loss, and he's not so sure that people want to see him in the ring again.

He accepted the mistake with Gervonta that led to the vicious uppercut, and he felt a little heavier than usual, but did not want to take anything away from Davis.

"Thank God we are fine, we are healthy, we did not come out with victory, but we thank all the fans for their support, their good vibes, with all our hearts. He caught me, we went down, but thank God we are here,” said Santa Cruz to ESPN Deportes.

"At the weight we really did feel a little heavy, but I'm honest... he wasn't feeling my punch. He threw the uppercut on me and I was blocking it well, I didn't feel the punch and that's why I stayed there [in the pocket], but he threw that particular uppercut with all his force, he threw it and he hit me good. I was not feeling as strong as they said. But he hit me with a good punch, I don't take anything from him, he's a great fighter and he caught me.

“People were worried about how I went down, me too, right now I looked at how I fell, knocked out, I don't remember when he hit me, I just fell, I didn't feel anything. It was my mistake... three right hands at the same time because he was studying it and he said he was going to counter me. I threw it and he countered me and caught me.

"The truth is I want to spend time with the family, spend time with them, rest, and the truth is I am going to talk with my team, with my father, to see what plans they have or what they want me to do, to see if I continue boxing or we retire. Let's see what happens, let's talk to my dad and see if we come back. Let's see, as my mind clears, let's see what comes next."