UK - Lauren Price rounded out a successful year by outboxing Italy’s Silvia Bortot over eight rounds. The Olympic gold medallist wants a seat at the welterweight top table and the aim must now be to get her involved in a busy scene that includes the likes of Natasha Jonas, Mikaela Mayer and Sandy Ryan.

Price does everything correctly. She carries her hands high and her punches are sharp and accurate. Bortot - who lost a decision to Mayer last time out - barely threw a shot in the opener, backing away and having a good luck at Price who was solid rather than spectacular and took the round without extending herself. 

Price appeared to have all the time in the world, controlling the fight with her southpaw jab and using an accurate up jab to pierce Bortot’s guard. Bortot had to change something and pressed forward more as the second round progressed. This played into Price’s hands and given openings to work with, Price was able to pick some nice counter shots.

The difference in hand speed and accuracy was too much for Bortot to bridge. The rounds began to look very similar. Bortot walked forward but her low punch output made it very easy for Price to set herself and get her own punches off before Bortot. The lead left hand worked well for Price but she began to punch in combination, finishing with hooks to head and body.

Price (6-0, 1 KO) showed little inclination to open up and go through the gears. She sank her left and right hooks into the body with a bit more intent in the fifth and sixth but on the whole she was happy to keep her shape, time Bortot (11-4-1, 3 KO’s) with straight punches or fire off a three punch combination and then move off, set herself again and repeat the process.

After eight one sided rounds, the referee, Lee Every, scored the fight 80-72 for Price.