The pre-fight jitters that are present for practically every fighter are noticeably absent for Kurt Scoby.

The 27-year-old hasn’t had a long career, just under four years in fact, but there’s something about the hulking 140-pounder that has impressed those who are managing him. In 11 pro fights, Scoby has faced opponents with winning records on just four occasions. His lack of experience in that department could come back to bite him come Thursday night when he takes on longtime veteran Henry Lundy.

All of the boxes are currently marked in Lundy’s favor. Experience? Check. Fights on the big stage? Check. Ring savvy? Double check. Still, at the age of 39 and despite seeing it all, Scoby isn’t sweating the curveballs that Lundy will undoubtedly hurl in his direction. Having worked his tail off in preparation for his big moment, Scoby feels incredibly confident about how things will play out at Sony Hall in New York City.

“I’m ready,” said Scoby to “I’m not really worried about him.”

Scoby (11-0, 9 KOs) has a certain look and aura about him, one of a chiseled gym rat who seemingly can’t get enough of the sport. In a day and age where fighters are impetuous about their shot at a world title, Scoby isn’t concerned about when he’ll be given a shot at a championship trinket.

The monotonous road to a title could be long but it’s one that Scoby is enjoying. If everything goes according to plan this Thursday night, Scoby could stroll around the center of the ring and demand that he be next in line for a title either immediately or in the near future. Those actions, however, would be skipping past the process. With Scoby simply wanting to take his time, he reveals that rushing to his end goal is the furthest thing from his mind.

“I’m not worried about that right now,” said Scoby when asked when he would like to fight for a world title. “I’m worrying about one step at a time.”