Social media star KSI has no interest in a rematch with Joe Fournier - even if the outcome becomes a no-contest or a disqualification.

Last Saturday night at OVO Arena Wembley, KSI was awarded a knockout victory over Fournier in the second round.

Several replays would show that KSI connected with an elbow to Fournier's jaw for the deciding shot. 

Their fight was sanctioned by the intendent organization Professional Boxing Association [PBA].

Fournier's team have appealed the outcome and a ruling is expected by Friday.

KSI would have no issue with the bout being ruled a no-contest, but he won't be pleased if a disqualification ruling is issued.

“If it’s a no-contest, fine. I’ll be p!ssed if it’s a disqualification, because I didn’t intentionally try to hit him with my forearm or my elbow or whatever," KSI told The MMA Hour.

"Like, I came through with a right hook to try and knock him out while he was coming in to clinch me, because I knew he was going to scramble to save his life after I hit him with an overhand.

“At least now Joe Fournier doesn’t look like a loser. He can be like, ‘Ah, because of the whole no-contest, it doesn’t really count.’ Even though I was all over him, but yeah."

Regardless of the PBA's decision, there won't be a rematch, says KSI.

“I was beating him and it was easy. It way easier than I thought it would be. And I’m just like, what’s the point? Why not? And if anything, most people are like, ‘What’s the point?’ The public are like, ‘We don’t care. You beat him anyway, so fight Tommy Fury.’ People want to see me get tested. People are sick and tired of me just deleting people," KSI said.

"They’re like, ‘Alright, cool. Let’s see how you do against Tommy Fury. If you delete him, then fine, you’re the GOAT, and then we’ll never say a bad word again.’ But right now it’s like, they want to see me get tested.

“I’m at peace with a no-contest. I don’t really mind because, for me, I’m a fair guy. If it is a no-contest, it’s a no-contest. It is what it is. I don’t need a win. For me, the reason I came back was to knock out Jake Paul.