Youtuber turned boxer, KSI, believes Salt Papi made some big mistakes in his most recent ring outing - which led to a decision loss to Anthony Taylor.

During last month's Misfits Boxing 7, Taylor outboxed Salt Papi over three rounds to win a decision.

There was a lot of hype being built around Salt Papi - with some pushing him as the most talented influencer to become a boxer.

The defeat to Taylor derailed, at least for the moment, a future fight between KSI and Salt Papi.

KSI was not surprised by the outcome.

“First of all, he messed up by doing three rounds,” KSI said recently of Salt Papi on The MMA Hour. “That was his choice.

“Three rounds favored Anthony Taylor, so I didn’t really understand why he wanted to do three rounds. Because for him, especially [against] Anthony Taylor, like, all [Taylor] needed to do is just do his tactic and make it rough and dirty for three rounds, and then he’s out and it’s easy. However, he couldn’t do that with a long period of time, with several rounds.

“I think the tactics were wrong as well from Salt Papi. All Anthony Taylor did was cross over. He just crossed his legs and then came through with a punch and then clinched. It’s like an MMA move, and he just kept doing it, and Salt Papi wasn’t able to get his timing off. And by the time Salt Papi was maybe getting close, it was too late because it was round three. So again, that messed up with the whole timing.”

KSI feels that everyone was overhyping Salt Papi to point where both of them were being placed on the same line - which offended KSI.

“I think with Salt Papi — Salt Papi is a decent fighter, and I think he just got super hyped up, to the point where people were being like, ‘KSI and Salt Papi,’ putting me on the same level. And I’m like, ‘Guys, do you not understand who I am?’” KSI said.

“I’m looking at this, and I’m looking at [Misfits Boxing co-president] Mams [Taylor] like, ‘Mams, am I going crazy? Should I fight this guy? Do I actually need to fight this guy and obliterate him to show everyone the levels?’ Because with [FaZe] Temperrr, everyone was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know, KSI might struggle with him,’ and then I just deleted him.