Independent sanctioning body, PBA [Professional Boxing Association], have officially overturned KSI's recent victory over Joe Fournier.

Last Saturday, at the OVO Arena Wembley, KSI was awarded with a second round knockout victory of Fournier.

Several video replays would show that KSI landed an elbow to Fournier's jaw as the knockout blow. The impact would come after KSI had already shaken the legs of Fournier with a right hand.

The referee would miss the illegal blow and ultimately waved off the fight while Fournier was visibly hurt on the mat.

After the fight, Fournier lodged an appeal with the PBA to overturn the outcome.

The appeal was successful, as the end result has been officially changed to a no-decision.

A statement from the PBA read: "Even though KSI was winning the fight, the blow with the forearm/elbow has been found to be accidental and the obvious disappointment that will follow, it has been decided that the contest is declared a no decision in accordance with the rules."

Fournier is pleased with Friday's ruling.

"The PBA have ruled it is officially a no contest. It was an illegal elbow, and I'm still undefeated, and still look brand new," Fournier told the Daily Mail.

"I've had millions of people to my Instagram of well wishers and people seeing [the video of the elbow]. A lot of big, big name athletes and celebrities are saying that they couldn't believe that the ref didn't see it, but the PBA did make up for it.

"The PBA have made up for it, and so did DAZN, Misfits and Wasserman, to make sure there was a fair shout to the athletes who sacrifice a lot to be on these cards.  Now you know, if there's any dodgy, that they rectify it. Respect, and you know where we're now at: the rematch!"

Earlier this week, KSI stated in an interview that he didn't have any interest in a rematch with Fournier - regardless of the PBA's decision to change the outcome.