Keyshawn Davis had his moments while he went 10 rounds for the first time in his developing career Saturday night.

Davis dropped Francesco Patera in the eighth round and landed more than enough power punches, particularly in the second half of their lightweight fight, to impress the judges. Mike Bower (100-89) and David Sutherland (100-89) scored it a shutout for the Olympic silver medalist, who won nine rounds according to judge Josef Mason (99-90).

The 24-year-old Davis, of Norfolk, Virginia, improved to 9-0 (6 KOs) and ended Patera’s 10-fight winning streak. Belgium’s Patera slipped to 28-4 (10 KOs), but he has not been knocked out in 10 years as a pro.

The only thing left to learn by the time the 10th and final round began was whether Davis would be able to become the first fighter to stop Patera inside the distance.

A left hook by Davis stunned Patera with just under 45 seconds left in the 10th and final round. A left-right combination by Davis landed just before the halfway point of the 10th round.

Davis’ right caught Patera as Patera pressed forward with just under a minute to go in the ninth round.

A short right by Davis dropped Patera to the seat of his trunks with 1:05 remaining in the eighth round. Patera got up by the time Nelson counted to eight, regained his senses and threw enough punches at Davis to make to the end of the eighth round.

Davis’ right hand to the side of Patera’s head knocked Patera into the ropes with just over 1:15 to go in the eighth round.

Davis drilled Patera with a right hand that landed with under 40 seconds remaining in the seventh round. A right by Davis made Patera stop punching with just over 1:20 to go in the seventh round.

Davis’ combination to Patera’s head and body was effective with just over 15 seconds remaining in the sixth round.

Davis finished a three-punch combination with a right hand that got Patera’s attention with just over 1:15 on the clock in the sixth round. Davis’ right clipped Patera in an exchange that took place about 1:10 into the sixth round.

Patera’s right hand connected with just under 40 seconds on the clock in the fifth round.

An overhand right by Davis landed with just over 1:05 on the clock in the fifth round. Davis landed a left uppercut a few seconds later, but Patera spun away from the ropes to prevent Davis from following up.

Davis drilled Patera with a right hand that punctuated a combination as Patera backed into the ropes with just over 10 seconds to go in the fourth round.

A right hand by Davis landed just after the halfway mark of the fourth round. Davis landed a left hook to Patera’s body approximately 1:15 into the fourth round.

Davis avoided Patera’s punches when he let his hands go about a minute into the third round. A patient Davis landed a couple of right hands later in the third round.

Patera came forward toward the end of the second round, but he couldn’t land any clean punches. Davis landed a left hook as Patera attempted to move away from him about 1:15 into the second round.

Davis split Patera’s guard and landed a right hand when Patera’s back was to the ropes in the final minute of the opening round. Patera kept his distance from Davis throughout the first round, when he remained on his back foot for almost all three minutes.

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