Keyshawn Davis wasn’t able to get the knockout win last month but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t proud of his performance. It was yet another case of Davis’ youth and skills being too much for an old veteran that’s seen better days. 

Francesco Patera was essentially a sitting duck all night long. Davis hit him whenever and wherever he pleased en route to a lopsided unanimous decision victory at the Firelake Arena in Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

Davis was barely able to catch his breath before being asked to give his assessment. While he hasn’t popped in the tape and dissected every moment, the 24-year-old strongly believes that it was one of his better nights. 

“It was a helluva performance,” said Davis with respect to the win. 

Young, confident, but still with plenty more to learn, Davis (9-0, 6 KOs) will tuck his latest victory away and look to get better. At this stage, all the former Olympic silver medalist can do is stack up the wins and hope that the top of the lightweight division will unclog itself. 

Devin Haney, the division’s undisputed champion, is ostensibly set to move on from the 135-pound landscape and plant his flag at 140 pounds. His possible departure is the sort of panacea that Davis, and the rest of the weight class, is hoping for. 

Until Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) officially makes his move, Davis will kick back, relax, and knock off whoever is placed in front of him. 

Becoming a world champion is of course his main goal but considering his age and the minuscule amount of fights he’s had up until this point, Davis isn’t pressing the pedal to the metal. After all, the way Davis sees it, he’ll be around for quite some time. 

“Keep supporting me. The businessman got a long career and we here to stay baby.”