In an action-packed, nip-and-tuck affair that saw both men floored (Carlos Canizales from an overhand right to the top of the head in round two, Kenshiro Teraji from a right cross to the jaw late in round three), Teraji retained his WBA/WBC light flyweight titles in Osaka by majority decision.

Canizales brought the pressure and was more active (80.3 punches per round to Teraji's 77.2) but Teraji's consistency, accuracy (29%-25% overall, 21%-14% jabs, 40%-35%) and body attack (106-99 in connects) resulted in final leads of 272-243 overall, 111-60 jabs and 8-4 in the CompuBox round-by-round breakdown of total connects in a bout in which the fighters were separated by three or fewer total connects in five of the 12 rounds.

Canizales finished the fight ahead 183-161 in power connects, but Teraji's all-around game was just enough to eke out the match. Scoring: 114-112 (2x) Teraji, 113-113.