Former middleweight world champ Kelly Pavlik is being admitted into Mahoning County Drug Court after pleading guilty to assault and breaking and entering.

The one-time middleweight champion appeared before Judge John Durkin on Thursday, an earlier indictment on two counts of felonious assault, and the new charge of breaking and entering.

The assault charges stemmed from an August, 2016 incident where Pavlik allegedly fired a pellet gun at Brian Bailing while both men were at Pavlik’s Canfield home.

The new breaking and entering charge was filed in connection with an incident sometime between October 24, 2011 and November 21, 2011, where Pavlik was accused of trespassing in a home on the 4600 block of Hopkins Road in Boardman.

That charge was issued by the prosecutor in the form of what is known as a bill of information, where a suspect agrees to plead guilty instead of having the case heard by a grand jury.

Judge Durkin handed down a six month suspended sentence to Pavlik for the less serious assault charge. The drug court sentence was issued in connection with the B&E plea.

Mahoning County Drug Court started in 1997 as way to keep people out of jail and get the help they need to kick their addiction.

Pavlik has faced other legal troubles in prior years.

In 2015, Weathersfield police charged Pavlik with assault and disorderly conduct for an incident outside the Foo Fighters performance at a record store.

The assault charge was dismissed, but Pavlik was fined $50 after he was convicted of disorderly conduct.

The previous year, Pavlik was convicted of OVI and disorderly conduct in separate cases. He was ordered to pay fines in both instances.

The former middleweight champ retired from boxing in 2013, partly due to a brain seizure Pavlik said he suffered the year before.